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Consider These Three Factors Before Purchasing a Home

So, your gut and brain are telling you it’s time to move? Before you start perusing the real estate listings and marching through Open Houses, there are some important factors to consider.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Home - Greens Moving

How close is the new home to your workplace? Will you be able to commute without a headache? Is there transit readily available? How close is transit? Aka will the noise of transit keep you awake all night?

What businesses thrive in your desired new ‘hood? Will you be able to walk to them on a lazy Sunday? Having a grocer, restaurants, pub, bank and barber nearby is a luxury especially if you would prefer to keep your car parked on weekends OR if you’d prefer to not own a vehicle. Spending a day in the neighbourhood you are keen on is a great way to absorb its flavour and vibe and see if it aligns with your lifestyle.

Does the neighbourhood you love have any schools? Schools obviously are handy if you have a family or are wanting to start a family. Realtors have also seen that proximity to a good school district increases a home’s value, which is valuable knowledge if you foresee selling that home in the future.

Buying a home can be filled with uncertainty and stress but if you do a little research to determine what factors are most important for your family, your dream home can become a reality.

Once that home is chosen, we are always here to help you both pack and move!

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