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Five Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

On Saturday April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, a day to raise awareness about the environment and share tips for how to live a greener life.

The goal of Earth Day is to encourage people to do mindful things daily that will benefit the Earth.

You might have guessed based on our name that being green is very important to us. The Earth is a precious resource that needs to be honoured. As such we wanted to share our favourite tips for going green this Earth Day AND every day.

Earth Day Tips from Greens Moving Solutions

Eat local and seasonal food

By eating foods in-season, you ensure a varied diet year round, help support local farms and businesses, and help curb excessive fossil fuels from vessels transporting food from other locales.

Get a bike

Even if you just park your vehicle on weekends, you will help lessen your carbon footprint. Biking is a great source of cardio and biking with friends is a healthy and fun way to socialize.

Drink tap water

Tap water has proven to be just as safe as bottled water. Bottled water is an unnecessary expense and studies have shown only 23% of water bottles are properly recycled. That’s a lot of bottles clogging and cluttering the Earth.

Use energy-efficient lights and appliances

While the initial cost for energy efficient items is higher, they’ll save you money in the long run! Both bulbs and appliances eat up less electricity when being used, and green¬†lightbulbs have longer lifespans so they don’t have to be replaced as often.

Practice the 7 R’s (as per Treehugger.com)

  • Reuse instead of buying new every time.
  • Repurpose – the more creative cousin of reuse, repurposing turns old junk into new, functional objects.
  • Rot – compost everything organic.
  • Repair instead of replacing.
  • Return Only – buy from companies with take-back programs.
  • Refill instead of buying disposable bottles and paper cups.
  • Refuse to buy overpackaged, disposable, single-use junk.

We hope these tips inspire you to go green every day! If you are moving and want a green-minded company to get you to your next home, you know who to call!

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