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How to Paint a Room Perfectly

Whether you’re applying a fresh coat of paint to a banged-up wall before you say goodbye, or changing the colours of the walls in your new home, painting can seem like a large undertaking.

perfect paint job with greens

If you follow these tips, you will have a beautifully painted room in no time with very little stress!

Get Inspired
After perusing Pinterest (our boards are here) for colour inspiration, head to your local paint shop to pick out some paint samples. Bring them home and paint a few poster boards with your favourite top picks. Tape them up to the wall to see which one you love the most. You’d be surprised how different a colour looks on the wall vs on a swatch. This time and thoughtfulness guarantees you don’t end up with a disappointing and underwhelming painted room.

Get Organized
Sine you need to clear the room, or at the very least push everything in the middle and cover with a drop cloth, this is a great opportunity to de-clutter the room. If you discover an item that you haven’t used in ages and you don’t love it, pop it in a box to take to your local Goodwill.

Get Primed
Chances are your walls are dusty, speckled with holes from nails, and stained from kid’s fingerprints. Fill the random holes and clean those walls before applying a fresh coat of paint or you will see the imperfections afterwards. Don’t forget to wipe down the baseboards too!

Get Painting
After assembling your tools (paint brush, paint, tray and tape), tape off your baseboards. You should also tape off window frames and ceiling, unless you’re a confident painter with a good angled brush. Paint from the top down. Start with the ceiling if necessary, then the crown molding, walls and finally the baseboards. The amount of coats you need to use will depend on a few factors but if you’re lucky enough to get the room done in one coat, pat yourself on the back! Just remember to put the paintbrush down first.

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