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Green Initiatives


We recently made an attempt to use bio-diesel in our trucks. Unfortunately there were several factors that currently make it difficult for us to use sustainably produced fuel. The first is that there is one station in Vancouver that we know of that produces biofuel that does not result in “burning crops for fuel”. Although this organization is doing great work the problem of having only one station has posed challenges. Secondly is that bio fuel freezes making use in the winter a risk to the mechanical stability of the vehicles. Thirdly it is extremely expensive and is taxed the same as regular diesel

We will be able to implement bio fuels into our truck in the future when our company grows and has secured a stable long term location for our trucks were we can purchase and store our own fuel solving the majority of the problems we are currently facing.


Recycling Shrink Wrap


Two supplies we go through a lot of are shrink wrap and Shrink Wrappacking tape. One of our green minded movers (Frank Fleming) had done some research as he hated to see the plastics go to waste. We decided to set up the facilities to recycle all of our soft plastics.


–Future Greens Initiatives-


Electric Trucks

Vancouver moving truck


The cost and technology of these vehicles currently male this opportunity impossible for Green’s but we are saving and researching waiting for the day a vehicle can be affordably converted or purchased that will meet our needs.