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Social Initiatives

Hi and welcome to the foundation page. My name is Michael Norman, I am the owner of Green’s Moving Solutions, and director of it’s foundation and Proyecto GT. Most of my overseas work in the past has been in the social sphere and so I decided to enter the world of social enterprise. Social enterprise is the emerging field where people use entrepreneurship to support social projects there by eliminating dependency on unstable government and corporate funds. I started the foundation in January 2009 which donates 5% of the company income to support and empower impoverished communities in Guatemala. Our last project was completed in 2010. I originally had plans to run a second project in 2011, however becoming a father pushed those plans back a year. The next project is scheduled to begin in November of 2012 and run through to March 2013.. To learn more about the project go to the web site and for up to date information on the day to day projects go to project blog at Proyecto GT’s Blog