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Five Fun Ways to Upcycle a Moving Box

Once a move is done, if you used cardboard boxes you probably have a giant pile of them staring back at you. While most people pass them on to friends who are moving, use them for storage or dismantle and recycle them, we like the idea of upcycling them! Here are five fun ways to […]

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Common Moving Mistakes

When you are getting ready to make a move, whether it is across town or across the country, making mistakes can be costly in more ways than just monetary. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when making your next move:   Relying on Only a Phone Quote If you rely on just a phone […]

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How to Choose a Moving Company

If you are preparing for a move, then one of the most important things on your list should be to choose a reliable, honest and hard-working moving company. Here are some steps for picking a good moving company: Ask for Recommendations When you start your search for the perfect moving company, you should begin to […]

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Things to Ask Your Movers

If you are anticipating a move, then you should be willing to ask your movers some serious questions before the big day. Here are some vital questions to ask potential movers:   What kinds of experience do you have in the moving business? You need to know how much experience the moving company you are […]

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Watch Out For Hidden Moving Fees

Sometimes customers get shocked when they find hidden moving fees on their bill after they complete their move. The facts are that somewhere in the process of getting an estimate about their moving bill, the moving company should have told them about any possible extra fees or they should have been written down in their […]

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